ENGLEWOOD — It was dubbed Beachwalk Preserve with up to 310 single-family residential units, just off River Road.

That is until local YouTube celebrity Danny Duncan outbid the developer and bought the property.

The sketch comedian and vlogger, who’s often spotted pranking unsuspecting people on Englewood Beach or Dearborn Street, bought the 93.43-acre parcel for $3.69 million through Paradise Exclusive Realty.

Duncan said he was aware of the property on the south side of River Road, zoned for single-family detached, villa homes, and knew it would bring more traffic to the area.

“I was aware of the proposed development,” Duncan said in an email to The Daily Sun. “I’ll just build one house there. I do think people in Englewood will be excited to keep over 300 cars off the road in our small town that is already too busy.”

This is the latest property Duncan purchased through Paradise Exclusive Realty in Englewood.

“He (Duncan) bought two houses, two commercial properties and he purchased land and built one duplex and is building another now,” said Brian Faro of Paradise Exclusive.

One of the properties he bought was the former Englewood Sun newspaper building on West Dearborn Street. He said he’s renovating it.

“I am using the building to train jiu-jitsu with Master (Derrick) Maretti,” he wrote. “It’s also being used as my new office.”

The 2010 Lemon Bay High School graduate says he splits his time between Englewood and California. In 2019, Duncan purchased a Los Angeles home for $3.5 million.

“I’ve always wanted a lot of land in Englewood that I could live on,” Duncan said. “I was born here and knew I’d never want to leave. I plan on keeping it forever. I go back and forth between L.A. and Florida and I’m in Englewood six months and nine days out of the year. I continue to do that for work.”

Duncan has millions of subscribers on his YouTube channel which features skateboarding and prank videos. One of this more popular videos shows him falling down at malls or Walmart or grocery stores with 30,000 pennies in a wheelbarrow. Some people help him pick them up, while others are confused as he lays in the middle of the pile and makes “penny angels,” sending the coins in all directions.

In 2018, Duncan acquired the trademark for his “Virginity Rocks” clothing brand. His Killer Merch line features skateboard decks, sweatshirts, fanny packs, underwear, socks, Danny Duncan leopard swim shorts, hats and slippers.

In September, Duncan kicks off his world tour with stops in California, Texas, Missouri, New Jersey, Florida, Colorado, Idaho, Minnesota, Kentucky and Ohio. Several of the VIP meet-and-greet tickets are already sold out for his shows. VIPS get a photo op with Danny Duncan, a “Virginity Rocks” souvenir laminate, early entry to the show and early access to merchandise for $100.

Duncan said when he returns to Englewood, he plans on helping the community.

“I will be doing something with Dawn and Donnie Stephens to raise awareness for Spread Spencer’s Sparkle and also with the Boys & Girls Club of Englewood,” Duncan said.

Spencer Stephens, 18, a Lemon Bay graduate, died last year after a vehicle-related crash on Interstate 75. His family launched Spread Spencer’s Sparkle to share his story of how he was passionate about sharing God’s word and to live life authentically and be true to himself and spread kindness.


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