In light of the growing COVID-19 numbers, some cities are requiring residents to wear masks while shopping and doing other tasks in which they interact with others. What do you think? Is this something that should be enacted here?

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If you feel face masks are necessary, which in public places I agree with, then wear one. If the store or restaurant you want to patronize doesn't require them, especially of their employees, go somewhere else. Vote with your wallet.


Masks should be worn by all when going to local businesses. It helps to protect the most vulnerable. Social distancing alone does not work. I have had people without a mask come right up to me with total disregard. It is all of our responsibilities to do what we can (wear a mask in public and social distance ) to fight this pandemic. We are finding out now what happens when we reduce our efforts. No one has the constitutional right to put others at risk just because they object to recommendations. Other communities have figured out how to enforce masks. Why can’t Venice?

Deb RN

If you refuse to wear a mask to protect others are you willing to stay home if you get sick so the people you infected can have those ICU beds??


Wearing a mask in public when you cannot always maintain the appropriate social distance is common sense. It protects you and others. Public health is not a political statement!


No thank you. I do not wish to suck in my own exhaust and make myself sick. Also I do not Sharia law and do not wish to cover my face.


While I wear a mask and support businesses requiring one I oppose government mandates as an overreach and possibly unconstitutional. Let the people and the market decide.


The standard answer is, "Just wear a mask and get along." One reason I object to that logic is because I know the UNIMPEDED flow of oxygen is essential to my health and immune system, yours too. When you decrease the oxygen flow your body produces cortisol, which harms your immune function. So unless you are already sick or have a weakened immune system, wearing a mask is doing more harm than good. Unless there is documented peer-reviewed research published in a reputable medical journal that conclusively demonstrates that healthy people wearing masks prevents the spread of this virus, I say no way.




Why don't you break out the aluminum foil hat while you're at it.


The next time they are prepping you for a surgical procedure, I want you to tell every medical person in the operating room to remove their masks, because you feel everyone is safer without.


Only the ignorant don't wear masks. As you wander around remember that! Wearing a mask is doing the right things.


No shoes , no shirt , no mask , no service


Mask it or CASKET!

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