Christian Ziegler


Sarasota County School board member Bridget Ziegler and her husband, Sarasota County Commissioner Christian Ziegler, are self-quarantining with their three children, after coming in contact with someone who was positive with COVID-19.

All five of the family members have tested negative for the virus, though they are self-quarantining out of “an abundance of caution,” Bridget Ziegler said during Tuesday’s school board meeting,

She attended the meeting online via Zoom video conference platform, and informed the other board members of the circumstance.

The family was informed that someone had been in contact with someone who tested positive. Each member was tested, and within 72 hours, they all received negative results.

“You always celebrate not being sick, it’s a big relief,” Christian said. “The girls are fine, the girls are happy, everyone is healthy,” he added.

Christian Ziegler will attend the county commission meetings Wednesday and Thursday via the same online platform.

He had said in the beginning of the pandemic, the commissioners agreed they would continue to meet in-person and show the public the continuation of government.

He added he will Zoom into the meeting to avoid potentially putting others at risk.

“I get to experience everything we’ve been talking about at the meetings. I get to look at it through a more educated lens,” he said.

Bridget said, “My biggest takeaway is that we all need to recognize the potential impact of our actions. It may be an inconvenience for a short amount of time, but we (the collective “we” have proven that we can quickly evolve and adapt.”

The Ziegler family will remain in self-quarantine for another eight days before they’re 100% in the clear, Christian said.

“I feel confident, but you never know. I will listen to experts and listen to the science,” he said.


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