Taking advantage of the lull in the tourist season, the Englewood Water District conducts routine maintenance Wednesday for a large sewer lift station on Manasota Key.

ENGLEWOOD — The lull in the tourist seasons allowed the Englewood Water District to catch up with maintenance on a sewer lift station Wednesday.

A crew from the water district shut down a portion of the westbound lane of Beach Road on Manasota Key Wednesday morning to work on a large lift station, located just west of the Emil Sweptson Bridge, between Beach Road and Pearl Street in the Englewood Beach Villas and Condos subdivision.

“It’s routine maintenance,” EWD technical support manager Keith Ledford Jr., said. The maintenance crew installed new, more flexible piping as well as other refurbishing of the lift station.

Lift stations are a necessary component of a gravity sewer collection system. Gravity sewer pipes run downhill from homes and businesses carrying sewage toward the wastewater treatment plant. As the lines continue away from their collection points, the pipes get deeper into the ground. Lift stations at various points along the line will collect the sewage and “lift” it up using pumps so it can continue its journey toward the plant.

The Englewood Water District’s main sewage collection system is a vacuum system, which does not use lift stations like this one, which was built in the early 1990s.

The lift station has not been leaking or sustaining any spills, Ledford said. But because it is a large lift station and the winter season ended and the summer tourist season hasn’t picked up yet, Ledford said it is an opportune time to address maintenance on the barrier island.


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