Eddie Taurus

Eddie Taurus shows his pain after being beaten by Storm Thomas Saturday during the main event at the Twisted Wrestling Showcase which the ring and the wrestlers spilled into the crowd. In the end, Storm Thomas was the champion.

EL JOBEAN — Wrestling spilled into the large crowd Saturday night at the Twisted Fork and Bert’s Black Widow Harley-Davidson during the first-ever Twisted Wrestling Showcase promoted by local residents Joe Sarracino and Mike McClaskey.

Joe Sarracino

The Commissioner Joe Sarracino referees while The Kodiak Bear Thomas W. Riggins IV wrestles Johnny Knockout.

Sarracino made guest appearances referring as “The Commissioner” while McClaskey transformed into The Evil Prince Ananka. He was overtaken by “Thee Technical Alchemist” David Mercury and lost the bout. The Evil Prince also lost a little blood after hitting the turnbuckle.

The night began with the sounds of the Port Charlotte High School Enharmonics performing the national anthem to kick off the Twisted Wrestling Showcase Saturday at the Twisted Fork. Between bouts, The Monsoons played to a packed house of wrestling fans. Part of the eight-woman match was Debbie Malenko, a wrestling legend who flew in from Montana to win her match. She threw several wrestlers out of the ring during the “Twisted Sister” bout.


Left: Ravyn, left, attacks Jacey Amor as Kelsey Lynn recovers in the ladies match.

She and other wrestlers like Johnny Knockout, Nic Swift, King of Cool-Kareem Everison and Lindsey Marie Carlson, were just some who stuck around to meet the fans.

Dax the Axe

Dax the Axe hoists The Zebra Kid for a body slam to the mat while Reichardt Krieger watches in the background at the Twisted Fork.

“We’re going to run another show in 2022, this is hopefully that the venue will want us back,” Sarracino said of the Twisted Fork, whose owner, Brad Parsley, was presented with a “championship” wrestling belt to kick off intermission.

Ice Dragon

Ice Dragon stomps on the Bison Charles Albenasi over the Kodiak Bear during the match refereed by the legendary Championship Wrestling from Florida Frankie Reyes.

Bouts were refereed by legendary Championship Wrestling from Florida referee Frankie Reyes while Jay Goodley, former co-host of Florida Championship Wrestling and United States Class Wrestling, announced the matches.

Sarracino said he plans on working with local charities to help when the next time the Indy circuit wrestlers come town. The event was free with ringside seats $25, however, Sarracino donated several of them for children to get a first-hand look at the action which included several wrestlers being thrown out of the ring and angry wrestlers reacting to the crowds’ “booing” at times.

Nic Swift

Nic Swift flies in the air over Chief Eddie Two Rivers.

For more information about upcoming shows, call 941-875-1272.


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