Even if you’ve already checked off most of the goals, dreams, and aspirations on your “Bucket List,” here’s one you should add: fairy hunting! And Historic Downtown Venice is the perfect place to find some of these magical creatures!

There are many fairy communities all over the world, including various towns in our country. Apparently, after extensive searching for a warm southern location, fairies from the far north chose Venice as the perfect location for their new kingdom. According to Princess Buttercup, the fairy representative of the newly formed Fairy Kingdom of Venezia, they loved the abundant natural elements of water, trees, plants, beautiful flowers and “neighborly” woodland creatures as well as the amazing cultural offerings of art, music, theater and dancing, and the community’s friendly and helpful people.

Venice MainStreet, an organization committed to preserving and enhancing the character, beauty and economic as well as community vitality of Historic Downtown Venice, partnered with the Venice Art Center (VAC) to help the fairies get settled in. After an official welcome from the city, MainStreet volunteers helped the fairies find suitable locations for their new homes, taking into account the fairies’ guidelines of course, and ensuring the hosts and neighbors would be welcoming and protective.

Artists from the VAC designed habitats to accommodate each fairy’s personal taste and styles, and with help from ceramic students at Venice High School’s art department, they have created unique colorful handmade ceramic front doors for each home.

Kara Morgan, CEO of Venice MainStreet, explained that since their volunteers help find the fairies a place to live, they also help identify their individual names and tell their stories. Door styles fit the fairies’ personalities and are “sometimes a surprise, but the “style decides the location,” she commented.

There are currently over 30 homes in the new Kingdom. Morgan said they may be adding more if more fairies find Venice attractive.

Explore the Fairy Doors

Fairies can make themselves invisible. Since fairy homes are built by the fairies, they are not visible to mortal eyes, but the doors created by mortals are. So, you can search for them all over Venice’s historic downtown! You may find them at local merchants, restaurants, hotels, various parks and gardens, Venice Beach, the Historic Venice Train Depot, schools and other public facilities like the Venice Community Center.

An online map, and list of fairy homeowners with their biographies and photos of their front door styles, is available at www.venicefairies.com; additional information and updates are available on the MainStreet Facebook page.

Every door tells a story about the fairy homeowner. Perhaps you’ll get to see Honey’s beehive style door, or Salty the Sailor’s rustic wooden door with a porthole window. Maybe Woody the Forest Fairy will charm you with his door wrapped in winding tree trunks and branches. And Cap’s front door is styled like a mushroom that looks like it came from Disney World’s seven little dwarfs!

If you would love fish-themed styles, hopefully you will find Sharky’s One and Sharky’s Two’s front doors, so you can “swim along” with the sharks!

Got a sweet tooth? Frosty welcomes you to his front door with a multi-layer ice cream cone, and Sweetie’s door is surrounded by colorful candies.

Fairy Friendship

Jean Trammel, chair of the city’s Public Art Advisory and Historical Preservation boards, explained that the “fairy friendship” is a joint marketing effort that allows everyone to do something fun in the city. “We want to continue to make Venice a family friendly and fun place to come,” she said.

Individuals and families will have a great deal of fun searching for these charming homes and their colorful doors. Georgia Lee Peacock posted on Facebook, “So happy about this. My daughter loves it.”

There are many more creative artistic front doors to enjoy on your hunt, but Venice MainStreet asks that you be careful not to disturb their houses or scare the fairies, since they may move or disappear if they’re frightened!

Historic Downtown Venice is happy and proud to welcome fairies to their town, and they welcome you with open arms to explore downtown Venice in a unique and really fun way!


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