Alexandra Dilts

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The Winter Haven softball team is 11-10 but has won four of its past six games and has seen strong play from senior Alexandra “Ally” Dilts. Dilts, a utility infielder who starts at second base for the Blue Devils, is hitting .430 and plays great defense, according to head coach Steve Ricks.

She is committed to play her college softball at South Florida State College in Avon Park.

About Alexandra

School: Winter Haven High
Year: Senior
Position: Utility
Bats: Switch
Throws: Right
Height: 5-foot-2

What’s changed for you during the course of the season such that you’re playing better recently?

Probably my confidence and I’ve been really working at it and concentrating on getting better in the game.

What’s it like to be a senior in the program?

It’s sad -- it’s like ‘wow, this is really my last year.’ I’m going to make the best of it and I’m going to make it my biggest year and my most successful year. I’m going to do everything I can to make it that way.

What does this team have to do to be successful in the district tournament?

Just work as a team, stay focused throughout the whole game and lift each other up. We have to stay as a team.

What do you like about softball?

That’s a hard one, I really like everything. Probably competing against another team is my favorite thing about the sport.

Do you have a favorite team to compete against?

I like playing Lake Region. We know a lot of the people (in that program) and it gets very rivalrous.

How did you come to be signed to South Florida State?

I got in contact with the coach and he asked me to come out to a practice. (South Florida State) was my only (scholarship) offer so of course I’m going to take it — I want my college paid for.

How long ago did you start playing softball?

I started in coach pitch. I stopped playing for three years and then after that I went right in to travel ball. I wasn’t very good but then I went into this one team, the Lady Devils, and they taught me so much. I became a whole different player.

Have you had any teammates whom you look up to?

Well, last year we only had two seniors who were starters. I looked up to them and one of them (Anizya Vargas) would hit clutch home runs. That was really cool. … She had a good attitude, too.

Who is your funniest teammate?

Casey Kurent.

What do you think you would like to do for a career?

I’m thinking about being a lawyer, because they make big bank. Everyone says I’m good at arguing and, if I have the facts, yeah I’m good at arguing. But it’s mainly because of the money.

What’s your favorite subject in school?

Writing — I’ll write about my life, anything. I love writing and letting people know what’s in my thoughts.

What are some of your favorite places you have been?

I’ve been to South Carolina for my brother’s Marines graduation and I’ve been to Mississippi.

If you could travel anywhere, where would you go and why?

I’d go to Panama, because I have family there that I’ve never met and that’s part of my blood.


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