Isabel Aguilar

Back on April 27, the Winter Haven Kicks U19 girls club soccer team defeated Space Coast United 5-1 in the championship game of the Florida Presidents Cup. Helping to lead the way for the Kicks was Isabel Aguilar, a recent graduate of Frostproof Middle-Senior High School. As the Center-Midfielder for the team, Isabel set the tone for the team’s offense, racking up goals and assists en route to a state championship.

Next up, Isabel is headed to Montreat College in North Carolina to continue her soccer career.

About Isabel

Club team: Winter Haven Kicks
High school: Frostproof Middle-Senior High
Height: 5-foot-8
Age: 18
Position: Center-Mid
College: Montreat (N.C. — signed)

What was it like to win the Florida Presidents Cup?

I was super excited. The year before we had lost 2-1. And the next year, we found out the team we were playing (in the championship) was the team we had lost to. We came back and we beat them 5-1. I think it’s my favorite (soccer) memory.

What was the difference that helped this year’s team win a state title?

I think the team’s bond was better than any other year. Everyone got along and there were no cliques. I think the motivation was there, too. … We came back from high school (season) and we missed playing with each other.

What was it like when you played against your club teammates during the high school season?

It feels weird. I feel like when I play against them, I don’t want to hurt them because they’re my teammates (in club). It’s fun, because I know how they play, so it’s a challenge.

What will you do to get ready for soccer at the college level?

I think I need to gain more weight and gain more muscle. I think something that I’m really going to need is speed — I have it, but I need more taking-off speed.

What do you like about Montreat College?

The campus is so nice and it’s in the mountains. The environment at the school is positive.

You have two sisters and four brothers and you all have played soccer. What’s that like? Who’s the best player?

We’re super competitive. I would say I’m second (best), because my brother (Robert Aguilar) is really good.

Do you have a favorite soccer team?

It was Real Madrid, but now it’s (FC) Barcelona. Barcelona has technique — the way they play it’s easy (and) simple.

Who are your favorite male and female professional soccer players?

I’ll say (Cristiano) Ronaldo. He came from nothing to something big. He trained his whole life to become the way he is. His footwork is super fast. … Marta, she just hustles and she puts a lot of effort into everything.

What do you want to study in college?

I want to do physical therapy, so I’m going to study biology. After Montreat I would like to go to USF and do physical therapy and make my way up to orthopedics and (work in) sports medicine.

What was your favorite part of being a senior in high school?

I think my senior season in soccer was fun. I felt like a role model, somewhat, for the other girls. I enjoyed the trips to games and making the girls laugh.

Are you nervous at all about moving out-of-state for college?

I’m worried about being homesick. Missing my mom’s food and my twin little brothers are just now starting soccer.

What’s your favorite show to watch on a rainy Saturday afternoon?

I could watch “Grey’s Anatomy” all day. My favorite character is Meredith (Grey). She’s upfront — positive but confident in front of everyone.

Do you have any hobbies?

I actually like to bake. I bake pastries and stuff like that — cakes, different types of brownies and I like trying different chocolates.


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