Athlete of the Week - Savannah Barnett

Savannah Barnett is a senior pitcher and first baseman for the Lake Region High varsity softball team.

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Savannah Barnett, a senior for the Lake Region High softball team, has been having a stellar campaign for the Thunder (8-5) this spring. Barnett, who is the team’s top pitcher, has an ERA of 0.60 and has struck out 71 batters so far this season. At the plate, Barnett is also dangerous, hitting .410 with two home runs.

About Savannah

School: Lake Region High
Hometown: Eagle Lake
Year: Senior
Position(s): Pitcher, 1B
Height: 5-foot-7
GPA: 3.4
College destination: College of Central Florida (signed)

How do you think the season has gone so far?

I feel like we’ve been pretty solid as a team. We all work together and we’re all pretty solid on defense and offense. My defense really backs me up if I miss a pitch or make an error. We all have confidence in each other.

How have you improved as a varsity softball player?

My attitude has really, really improved. I used to have a bad attitude and then I went to Coach Haley (Wiseman) and she really settled me down. She really groomed me as a pitcher — she’s got all my pitches working. My ERA has gone down a lot. Hitting-wise, I’ve improved a lot … especially with runners in scoring position.

Are there any games you are particularly looking forward to during the final stretch of the regular season?

I’m really looking forward to Senior Night. It’s our last home game. Another game might be Bartow (April 26) because we lost our first game against them.

What is the most memorable game of your varsity career so far?

This season, we played Winter Haven (March 12) and went into extra innings and I had to really pull through — we all really had to pull through … Kylee Baldwin really pulled through for us and got the winning run.

Do you have a pregame routine when you pitch?

I jam out before games, for sure. I just put Pandora on.

How did you come to be signed at College of Central Florida?

I went on my first visit right at the end of last summer. I met Coach (Kevin) Fagan and Coach (Mike) Lingle and I really clicked with them. They’ve got a really good record of sending sophomores off to Division I schools. I’m really looking forward to it — I really clicked with the younger girls that I’ll be playing with next year and I love the campus.

What do you want to study in college?

I’m going to study sports medicine. I want to do physical therapy because I’ve had injuries in the past, with my arm, so I want to be able to help others with that.

If you continue your career after College of Central Florida, what school would you like to attend?

Honestly, my dream school is the University of Florida.

What do you like to do with your free time?

I just hang out with the team — we all hang out and like to bond.


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