X’Zaveious Mathis

The All Saints Academy football team finished its spring season with a decisive 49-6 win over Central Florida Christian Academy May 14 in Winter Haven.

During the one-sided affair, X’Zaveious Mathis, a rising junior running back and defensive back, had a standout showing. Mathis rushed for 80 yards on nine carries, caught three passes for 68 yards and one touchdown and, on defense, he returned an interception for a touchdown and had two tackles. 

About X’Zaveious

School: All Saints Academy
Year: Junior
Age: 16
Height: 5-foot-8
Position(s): Running back, defensive back
Birthplace: Tampa
Resides: Winter Haven

What was your reaction to the team’s dominant win in its spring game?

I was excited because throughout spring practice we were playing a little bit, we weren’t really focused, but then when we came out and showed what we could do it surprised all of us. It was pretty good.

How is this team shaping up differently from last fall’s squad?

We lost our whole offensive line, so we have to switch the way that we run our offense — a little more speed and more passing.

How good can this team be in the fall?

We can be really good — we’ve just got to focus up and come together as a team and we’ll be good.

How long have you been playing the game and what do you love about it?

All my life. I just like everything about the sport. It’s fun. I like hitting and I like the sport.

Which side of the ball do you prefer?

I like running the ball, but I also like hitting.

What’s the program’s motto?

“Brotherhood” – it means that we’re one unit, one team, one everything. If anything happens to one person, it happens to the whole team.

Do you have a favorite professional or collegiate football team?

My favorite college team is Miami and my favorite professional team is the Dallas Cowboys.

What about a favorite player?

My favorite player is (Dallas Cowboys running back) Ezekiel Elliot. I just like the way he plays and he plays my position, too. Watching him, I can study his game and improve my game by mimicking what he does.

What was your favorite class at All Saints Academy this past school year?

I liked math this year. I felt like I was getting better at it. I had two teachers — for Geometry I had Mrs. (Nikki) Hoagland and for Math I had Mrs. (Nazanin) Shams-Mowlavi.

What would you like to study in college?

Probably business or something like that.

What’s your dream job?

I just want to be involved in sports in anything I do — in the business of sports.

Do you have any hobbies?

I fish quite a bit. … Every time I fish I go to the ocean, the pier in St. Pete.

What’s your favorite movie?

Probably, my all-time favorite is this movie called “Friday.” My favorite actor is Chris Tucker in that movie.

You’ve been in the program for three years and had some teammates who have graduated. Who is a teammate that has since graduated who you look up to?

Probably Jack Garcia. He was a really good teammate and no matter what the situation was, he always had his head up and boosted us to do better. He was a great role model to our team.


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