Zee Zamora

Earlier this month, Zee Zamora, 12, won his fourth Junior Olympics Boxing State Championship in Fort Pierce. A Winter Haven resident competing out of Winter Haven Boxing, Zamora will now move on to compete at Regionals in South Carolina, May 16-18.

Zamora competed up against 13- and 14-year-old competitors. Other Winter Haven Boxing competitors that advanced to Regionals in Fort Pierce included Devine Erazo, 14, at 85 lbs.; Kamari Jackson, 8, at 65 lbs.; and George Deese, 11, at 75 lbs. The up and coming boxer has four total knockouts (TKOs) to his credit so far.

About Zee

Resides: Winter Haven
Age: 12
Height: 5-foot-9
Weight: 110 lbs.
School: Jewett Academy
Gym: Winter Haven Boxing

How exciting was it to win another Jr. Olympics State Championship?

It was pretty exciting — it felt good. I didn’t really know the kid I fought but I knew I had it.

How often do you train and what is a typical session like?

I train five days a week. When I get in the gym I’ll shadow box, stretch and I’ll jump rope. Then I’ll put on my gloves and hit the bag. Coach will call us in and we’ll do mitts with him. After that, we’ll do our workout.

Who is your main coach?

Marco Fazzini.

Which fight that you’ve won are you most proud of?

My first state title. I won by TKO.

What makes you a good boxer?

Being a boxer, not a brawler. A brawler is someone who’s going to go toe-to-toe and does not look good. … A boxer will move around, hit his opponent and won’t get hit.

Where have you improved the most since you started boxing?

Endurance. I remember the first day I was really, really chubby.

How do your coaches help you improve?

They teach me something new every day. I just started learning how to use my jab as a right.

Which do you prefer: training or the match?

I like the matches more. I don’t think anybody likes to train — it’s hard. But if you train, and you work your butt off, you can live the rest of your life as a champion.

Do you have a favorite professional boxer?

I love Ryan Garcia. I love the way he fights.

How are you preparing for regionals?

I’m definitely going to try my best.

What do you do mentally before a fight?

Usually, I look at the person. If he’s short, I’ll keep my distance because I know he has faster hands when he’s in the inside. If he’s taller than me, I have to get in the inside and stay in the inside. Before a fight I listen to music and right before the fight we’ll pray.

What’s the largest crowd you have fought in front of?

2,500 people. I like fighting in front of a lot of people — they’re all cheering and I like that.

What’s your favorite class in school?

Physical education.

What do you want to do for a career?

I would like to have a business that makes my own shoes, maybe for boxers or whatever.

What do you like to do with your free time?

I like to watch YouTube.

If you could visit any place, where would you go?

I would probably go to Japan. The best of the best (boxers) are there.

Do you have a motto as a competitor?

In the gym, we say ‘hard work is easy work’ and ‘teamwork makes the dream work.’


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