Baxter Troutman

WINTER HAVEN – Recent candidate for Florida Commissioner of Agriculture Baxter Troutman was arrested a second time for allegedly abusing his wife, Rebecca “Becky” Troutman, on Jan. 4.

According to the Polk County Sheriff's Office, Becky Troutman — a one-time candidate for Polk County commission — told deputies that her estranged husband walked into her bedroom saying, “Get up, it's a new day, it's time to get a job the (expletive) gravy train is over.”

Then he allegedly grabbed the comforter she was under and yanked it so hard that it pulled her off the bed and onto the floor. According to the report, the two have been sleeping in separate bedrooms for years.

Baxter later returned and allegedly grabbed his wife by the chin and jaw, pulling her head upwards and back, saying, “(expletive) get up.”

Becky further alleged that her husband gave her a bloody nose in September, following a dispute over a cell phone, and broke her pinky finger after a dispute in 2015. Baxter was previously arrested for abusing his wife in 2012, but those charges were dropped.

The latest arrest seems to be centered around Mrs. Troutman's desire to purchase a Lakeland home in her name.

Baxter Troutman represented Polk County in the Florida House for three successive terms beginning in 2002. He proposed to his wife on the House floor in 2008. Baxter is a grandson to Florida citrus and cattle magnate Ben Hill Griffin Jr., once one of the most wealthy residents of the county and state.


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