Chinaberry Tree 06-05-19

Downtown Winter Haven’s historic Women’s Civic League Fountain (circa 1916). Artwork by Nancy Marquart.

Each week, I write about Winter Haven memories. Some have been recorded by others in newspapers, brochures and pamphlets. Sometimes I share my memories.

Now, I’m asking you to share yours.

Take a few minutes to ponder the following questions. If one in particular jogs your memory, share that with me in an email to

Answer one or answer them all. I’ll share your memories in a future Chinaberry column.

- If you grew up here in Winter Haven, what is your favorite childhood memory?

- If you attended Winter Haven schools, name a favorite teacher and the grade(s) they were your teacher.

- When you were a child, what was your family’s favorite restaurant?

- What was your favorite local hangout as a teen?

- What Winter Haven business that no longer exists do you miss most?

- If you could go back in time to one particular day in Winter Haven history, what day would that be?

- What was your first job in Winter Haven? What year did you start?

- Besides your home, where do you most enjoy spending time within the city.

- What Winter Haven fact/rumor would you like to know more about?

- If your parents/grandparents/ancestors shared a particular memory of the city, please share.

- What one thing about Winter Haven do you wish more people knew?

- What one thing makes Winter Haven special?

- If you have a thought or memory I haven’t asked about, please share if you like.

Send your thoughts to the email address above. I will use only your first name if I quote your response. Or, send responses by mail to Bob Gernert, 235 6th St. NW, #403, Winter Haven, FL 33881.

The Museum of Winter Haven History is closed for the summer. Tours are available year round for groups of four or more by appointment. Contact Bob Gernert (863) 206-6855 or


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