I could make this a short article by reiterating what the headline says, “Know who you’re dealing with online.” That pretty much says it all, but let me tell you why that is so necessary.

A lot of computer viruses are spread through websites you may visit. You might not even intend on visiting these sites, but you’re redirected there by clicking on bad links on other websites or emails. Once you visit these sites, it may be too late. Your computer could be infected by a virus or malware which could compromise your personal information stored on your computer. Make sure your computer security software is up to date (McAfee, Norton, Kaspersky, Bitdefender, etc.).

I have another example of why you need to know who you’re dealing with online. A lot of people renew their vehicle registrations online, which is super convenient. However, some of these folks are searching (Google, Bing, or some other search engine) for the Florida registration renewals (various wording), and end up clicking on the very first site that comes up which is eTags.com. This is a business that pays to show up first in your search results. They are a real business, but they charge you way more than the Florida DMV or your local Tax Collector charges you. Beware.

It’s unfortunate we have to be this way, but always be cautious of every website you visit. Look at the website address before you click on it. Some Scammers create a website that is off by one letter and may look official. Check the spelling of the site, and make sure you know if the address is supposed to be a .com, .org, .gov, or something else.

Be suspicious, be wary, and be safe.


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