Lake Wales Little Theater Greek Gods Reality Edition

Dashiel Blum plays Zeus. His wife, Hera, is played by Hope Potteiger. “Reality Stars: Greek Gods Edition” starts June 14 at Lake Wales Little Theatre.

LAKE WALES – Starting June 14 and showing through June 23, 15 area teens will be performing in “Reality Stars: Greek Gods Edition” at Lake Wales Little Theatre.

The upbeat play is about a fictional reality television show about Greek gods atop Mount Olympus. Emily Milton plays the host of the fictional television show and has one of the first lines in the play, which sets the stage well.

“Ever wonder what happened to the Greek gods?” the play starts. “You know, the ones with the lightning bolts and awesome beards? Did they just disappear? Not exactly. People stopped worshipping them, and so they were forced to depart their heavenly palace and blend with mortals in the real world. All these centuries, the divine have been mixed among us. For all you know, Apollo might be your dentist.”

Lights flash and then the crowd gets introductions to the gods and goddesses. Tempers flare, lovers quarrel and rivalries ignite.

“Thirteen gods are put under one roof, but only one can survive to sit atop Mount Olympus,” according to the press release.

The play is directed by Robby Hartley, the stage managers are Colby Tucker and Lily Thrift. The light board operator is Delanie Potteiger and the sound board operator is Elliot Potteiger.

The play stars Emily Milton, Dashiel Blum, Hope Potteiger, David Williams, Maya Young, Jada Knight, Eli Temple, Aishia Williams, Timothy Anderson, Chevaris Moore, Dylan Broussard, Toni Pendleton, Natalie Murren, Tommie Wofford and Kayla Kennedy.

Tickets are $12 for adults and people 18 and under are $8. For more information, call 676-1266 or stop by the box office on Wednesdays from 10 a.m. To 2 p.m. You can also email


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