Racism is eroding the ideals of the founding principles of our country and we have two opportunities before us. We can either feed into it or starve it to death. Racism is defined as, discrimination or prejudice, which can transform into a belief system that creates a false sense of entitlement to superiority. Racism can be translated through words and acts of hate, anger, intense hostility, and abnormal aversion. I’ve witnessed racism at every level. When racism is exhibited through hate crimes it directly impacts the quality of life of not just the person it’s aimed at, but we all become casualties in the line of fire.

Politically sparked decisions coming from Capitol Hill are infecting our socioeconomic structures, education systems, and enrichment programs. Current leaders so far removed from their constituents no longer understand their collective needs. There appears to be no comprehensive understanding of the common good for working class families and the harm racism incites. There is a political fire being kindled by racism and it’s burning through the foundation of our collective constitutional good. We can make a difference even when the rhetoric from the current administration is divisive. We can starve this fiery beast, Racism.

Dr. Shandale Terrell

Lakeland, Florida


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