CAN'T WIN 'EM ALL – It's actually not a shock when the Winter Haven girl's basketball team loses a game or two in the regular season. They play an intentionally difficult slate of games outside their district, all in an effort to toughen up for the post-season. So when you see that the Blue Devils are just 3-2 so far this year, don't panic. They're young, but talented, and will be better in February than they are in March. Their road odyssey continues this week with trips to Ft. Pierce and Pensacola in an effort to play the best teams they can find.

DYNAMIC DUO – Lake Wales usually has pretty good girl's soccer teams, and this year seems to be no exception, led by a pair of underclassmen who are filling the frame with regularity. Sophomore Chanley Pfingston (8) and junior Elizabeth Wyrosdick have combined for 14 goals as the Lady Highlanders have opened the season with three straight wins. Including wins at Winter Haven and Lakeland. Delaney Elder, another underclassman, has four goals. They are home Thursday against Sebring.

A LITTLE RANK – Speaking of programs that are usually pretty good, the Warner men's hoop team was ranked No. 19 in the preseason NAIA rankings. They are just 5-4 so far, but three of the losses have come to teams ranked No. 11 or better. And the best is yet to come. A mid-December tournament at Southeastern (who is ranked No. 11 and one of the teams' to top the Royals so far) will bring a matchup against Indiana Wesleyan. They're ranked No. 1. That game is set for Dec. 15 if you want to mark it down, which you should if you're a hoops fan at all.


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