The real battle for the Supreme Court is who gets to make the laws. Our

founders acknowledged that our rights are endowed by God and the

Constitutions gives the right to makes these laws to the legislative

branch. These are to be vetoed or signed into law by the president.

The Supreme Court was never to deviate from the constitution and make

laws. The left has been able to get some immoral laws into place only by appointing

judges willing to twist or ignore the constitution.

Roe vs. Wade (abortion) and Obergefell vs. Hodges (same sex marriage)

did not come from the legislative and executive branches. They were not

God given rights. The majority on the Supreme Court violated the


The Democrat platform endorses Roe vs. Wade and Obergefell vs. Hodges.

The Republican platform calls for the repeal of both of these

decisions. Regarding the last decision, one-man-one-women marriage laws

had been in place in at least thirty states. Five justices violated the

God-given rights of “we the people.”

If these two decisions are overturned, I understand the laws will go

back to the states.

Pray for justices who believe in God-given rights and laws made by the legislative

branch, endorsed by the executive branch, as prescribed by our

constitution. We can thank God for a president who is keeping his promise

to appoint conservative judges.

Virgil Ullom D.D.S.


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