A part of being a ten star accredited agency is a dedication to continuous training that comports with the best practices of modern community-focused policing. There is a clear connection between high accreditation standards, quality technologically advanced training, and positive community relations.

On occasion, you will hear a story in the news where a law enforcement officer somewhere made a mistake or made a bad decision, and the results were not good. Mistakes, big and small, happen. In every profession, humans make errors. In the aftermath of these situations, people often say: “the police need better training.” And that’s a true thing, because you can never have too much training.

This is where I think you deserve to know that we at the Polk County Sheriff’s Office are committed to ongoing top-notch training.

The men and women who work for us go through extensive training—annual, semi-annual, multi-annual, and even reminders and updates that occur at daily briefings. We have a culture of education and training. And it’s not just for the deputies. There is online and classroom training for our office staff, crime scene techs, IT staff, and dispatchers (to name a few). And every single person who is employed at the agency goes through an annual customer service class to ensure that we put forth the best possible service to the people we serve.

The deputies, of course, do a wide variety of training, such as: weapons, protective action, community and proactive policing, effective communication, legal, medical training (AED, CPR, Basic First Aid, etc.), and mental health awareness. And there is much more.

We do all of this so hopefully we can avoid being in one of those stories, to keep our communities safer, and to better serve you.


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