The First Christian Church of Sebring held their annual ‘Santa’s Goodie Walk’ in their Fellowship Hall on Dec. 1. Delicious baked treats lined the room where people could choose their favorites.

The hall was decorated for the holidays with the focal point being a large beautiful Christmas tree. Holiday gifts surrounded the tree making it look like Santa had already made his visit and his elves dropped off tray after tray of cookies.

Kathy Whitlock enjoyed browsing the treat filled tables. Her box of cookies was weighed by Helen Kelly . They were sold for just $6 per pound.

“I got a variety of cookies and some lemon bread. Everything here looks great,” said Whitlock.

Cookies and breads of all varieties were labeled for people to select from. Santa’s goodies included cakes (fruit and coffee), breads (pumpkin and banana) and cookies (orange almond bars, cherry crumble, peppermint bars, toffee almond and New York Cheesecake) to name a few.

“The ladies from the Mary Martha Women’s Group of the church did the baking,” said Sue Colwell, leader of the group. “This is our fourth annual goodie walk and our fundraiser. We use the proceeds to support some of our local charities.”

“Don’t forget that I baked some cookies too!” said Rev. Alan Brown. “I make the chocolate chip ones.”

Some of the charities they support include Alpha Omega, New Testament Church, Boys and Girls Club, Samaritan’s Touch, Children’s Advocacy and Parkway Food Ministry.

“We have over 25 different cookie varieties, along with the breads and cakes,” said Wanda Gordon, treasurer of the group. “We’re happy to do your holiday baking.”

Do you wonder what happens to any delicious cookies that are not sold?

“Any cookies that are not sold are boxed up and given to the local police and fire departments for Christmas. They love it!” said Colwell.

The cookie baking team included Helen Kelly, Shirley Lewis, Sue Colwell, Carolyn Hineline, Kathy Brown, CJ Wiggin and Rev. Alan Brown.

The ladies group stays very active in their charitable work. The next event is their Rummage Sale which will be held in March. The church is located at 510 Poinsettia Avenue in Sebring.


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