Sisters Megan and Rebecca Lovell formed a band in 2010 called Larkin Poe. They are descendants of the famously tortured Edgar Allen Poe. Larkin was was their great-great-great-great grandfather and cousin to Edgar.

The sisters are on fire. Ablaze with intensity and passion. Megan plays lap steel guitar, dobro and vocals while Rebecca plays guitar, mandolin, piano and lead vocals.

The band are touring in support of their fourth and newest release, “Venom & Faith.” It is a must for any fan of blues-drenched rock.

“It’s a celebration of roots American music,” Rebecca told, “as translated by two sisters who are playing the blues in the modern age.”

Their brand of hard hitting music is infused at times with the country and bluegrass flavors of their Georgia upbringing. It is raw, full of venom, in-your-face, honest and a joy to the ears. An even bigger pleasure to experience live.

Saturday, May 4, the sisters brought their mighty four-piece band to The Social in Orlando. To say that electricity was in the air would be an understatement.

Every performance by every artist is unique. No two shows will ever be identical. It’s not in mankind’s nature to perfectly replicate every action. And so it goes with the musical performance. But when the hammer of the gods falls, it is a magical thing of beauty.

As stated, the air was highly charged. The opening band, Hannah Harber & The Lionhearts, were good enough to be headlining. They did what a good opening band is supposed to do. They whet the appetite of the audience and prepared them for the blues storm that was about to be unleashed upon them.

From the moment the band appeared on stage, before even arming themselves with their weapons of mass destruction, you could feel it. It was going to be one of those nights when everything was perfect.

Larkin Poe shook the walls with thunderous purpose and sheer will. It was as if the tiny venue had sucked all the power out of Orlando and packed it into the room. The crowd was in it all the way. The floor was a torrent of energy. The group, feeding off the audience, were a centrifuge of power, glory and might. Spinning, whirling and melding themselves and the adoring crowd into a unified mass of bliss, adulation and sweat.

There is no need to mention individual songs. It didn’t matter. Every note was a gem. It was the rarest of nights when everything actually was perfect.

One can only wait and wonder as to the glorious heights these wolves-in-sheep’s-clothing, these bringers-of-the-heat, may soon ascend to. For now, they have given us much to be blue about.

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