Beauty Fit for a Queen teaches self-worth in women in a Christ-centered manner. Their programs are led by Brittney Fann, a very loving and caring person.

“We are a 501c 3 nonprofit corporation in Highlands County with a mission to teach worth in young women through the beauty of Christ,” Fann said. “Our goal is to share God’s love by serving and encouraging young ladies in their walk with Jesus. We do this through our ongoing faith-based programs and events.”

Last weekend, they held one of their free dress giveaways, where young women could pick out that perfect dress for the Homecoming dance. This event was hosted by their ‘Blessed Dress’ program, led by new Teen Director, Reagan Richards.

“I love my new position and applied for it as soon as I was aware it was open. I really want to help the girls in our community and share the love of God.”

In addition to Homecoming, the ministry offers free dresses throughout the year, including Prom, Pageants and their Modern Day Princess Program. All dresses are the result of loving donations from others who enjoyed their special day in a special dress.

Many young women return the free dresses so someone else can enjoy them. This is truly giving back from their heart.

“We really need more dresses, in a variety of sizes, and are seeking local sponsors to be able to help us. We are so thankful for all the donations as we know they each have special memories. They will truly bless someone else,” said Fann.

They have a very special sponsor they would like to thank, Janet Hardy. “She has helped with our Avon Park pageant for a long time and has blessed so many girls, helping them find that special dress. She purchased new pageant type gowns that are absolutely beautiful. These special gowns are offered for a small donation to the ministry. They will later be auctioned off at the Lakeshore Mall on Oct. 5th.”

Kyleigh Bare selected a long dress in deep red with delicate bead work. “It makes me feel really good and very special.”

A lime green dress with black accents was the choice for Morgan Smith. “I found a dress in my favorite color, lime green! It makes me feel like a princess.”

Angela Wilson browsed the racks and found a black dress with pink accents. “This makes me feel beautiful; I love the pink accenting the black.”

The ministry is looking for a sponsor to help them further their mission in the community. They would love it if someone would help them purchase some new dresses so they can help more young ladies in the community. When you see the smiles and tears when that perfect dress is found, it makes all the work that goes into this program worthwhile.

Some girls are unable to attend these once-in-a lifetime events as the families can’t afford the dress, accessories, hair and make-up that goes into turning them into a princess. The event made the dream come true for 44 lucky young ladies.

Beauty Fit for a Queen is located on the second floor of the Circle Theatre. They have other programs such as their ‘Teen Program” and ‘Mom’s and Prayers” (these are weekly) as well as make-up and hair styling consultations and Teen Volunteers Today.

For more information, please visit their website at You can contact Fann at


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