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LAKE PLACID — The Town of Murals is known for its small town feel and quaint charm. Much of that is due to murals, but it is also in part because of the vintage hardscapes throughout the town — like the antique-looking street lamps that line Interlake Boulevard and part of Dal Hall Boulevard.

The Town Council is working with the Community Redevelopment Agency in order to bring a little more light to the subject. Dal Hall Boulevard will be brightened with three antique-style street lamps to the dark section of the boulevard.

The lamps would be placed along the section of road west of a law office at 401 Dal Hall Boulevard where the lighting ends. There will be a cap of $10,000, which would equal about three lamps.

Public Works Director Harvey Waldron received a quote of $2,000 each with $289 labor.

According to Town Administrator Phil Williams, this would be the first project the CRA has been used for.

“This will be our first experience with Community Redevelopment Agency, which is the funding mechanism for this project,” he said.

Williams said he thought the property owners were to pay for the lights, a decision that stems from a regular meeting on Oct. 14, 2002. The minutes show the town would pay for the wiring and the cement foundations the poles would sit on. Much of that wiring has been run and the cement pads poured. There are signs of wear and tear on the hardware from mowing and time.

“The lights have been brought up many times and are a constant resurfacing concern for council members,” Williams said. “The town over the years has placed many of the poles and some businesses have followed through with the 2002 plan.”

Although the streetlamp foundations are ready, the poles and lights will have to be ordered.

“The Lake Placid CRA was established in December 2017,” Town Clerk Eva Cooper-Hapeman said. “As part of the CRA budget, $10,000 is for lights on Dal Hall. The lights have not been purchased or ordered yet and there is no definitive time as the purchase will be for the 2019-2020 CRA budget year and the lights would be purchased once the CRA funds are available.”


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