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AVON PARK — Two men, who share a home, a name and DNA, were arrested Friday around 10:30 p.m. by the Highlands County Sheriff’s Office deputies.

Reginald Allen Sr., 49, of Avon Park is facing charges of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon without intent to kill, a third degree felony and possession of a weapon or ammo by a convicted Florida felon, a second degree felony.

Reginald Allen Jr., 19, of Avon Park is facing resisting an officer without violence, obstructing justice/tampering in a second degree felony proceeding and a probation violation.

According to the HCSO arrest reports, deputies arrived at the scene of Hal McRae Boulevard and Delaney Street because of an aggravated assault incident. Deputies say the senior Allen was having a verbal altercation with a male victim. The victim told deputies that Allen Sr. “retrieved” a black pistol, but the report did not say where it was retrieved from. The victim also told deputies Allen Sr. pulled the slide back on the pistol and shouted expletives and threats, saying he would shoot the victim while the gun was pointed at the victim.

The report shows Allen Sr. got into his car as if to leave the scene but stopped in the middle of the road. The suspect got out of his car with the gun in one hand and engaged its slide again. According to the report, Allen Sr. issued more threats to the victim.

A witness said she was trying to mitigate the situation and ran to the victim and the defendant. The witness told deputies that she saw the suspect get out of the car with the gun and then put it in the cup holder as he left the scene. Allen Sr. did returned to the scene shortly, the witness said.

The report says after being given his Miranda rights, Allen Sr. said he did not have a gun and did not shoot anyone. During the investigation, it was determined Allen Sr. was a previously convicted felon from a 1991 incident. A search of the vehicle he was driving did not turn up a gun. The deputy wrote the gun may have been discarded during the short disappearance.

Allen Jr.’s arrest report shows he was at the scene when his father was being arrested. Allen Jr. and his mother “began walking at a fast pace” toward the deputies and then toward the victim and witness and began yelling at the witness; he was restrained by the crowd. Allen Jr. again started walking aggressively toward the witness and verbally insulted her, at which time he was arrested.


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