LAKE PLACID — It’s been a long time coming but Phase I of the Lake June Park Project, Phase I is almost complete. The Town of Lake Placid is scheduled to host an opening ceremony for the completion on Phase I of the Lake June Ball Fields projects at 9 a.m. Wednesday, Sept. 18.

The wheels of government do not move quickly but they do, indeed, move. Improvements are thought of, voted on and then funding has to be found, which can grind things to a halt. Grants help make it possible for small towns to fund projects they could not normally afford. But grants do take time, even years to come through.

The Town of Lake Placid has received grants to help pay for a multi-phase massive project for at the Lake June Ball Fields. The town also matched funds and paid to replace the floating boat dock that was damaged.

The town received $277,000 in grants from Recreation and Parks Advisory Committee. The town paid just over $7,000 for the new dock, said Town Administrator Phil Williams.

“The town has picked up the cost of demolition of the old building,” Williams said. “We have also repaired the dock, although the dock was not included in the project because at the time we thought we would use another grant for that. At project’s current end, the county will contribute the above and the town will contribute $12,649 towards the project.”

Phase I included demolition of the rundown pavilion and oft-vandalized restrooms. The contractor, Montz Construction, built bathrooms using the plans that were created by Bill Brantley. Those bathrooms were erected in Stuart Park and by the tennis courts near Lake Placid High School. The bathrooms are compliant with Americans with Disabilities Act laws.

The initial phase has a large pavilion and a minor pavilion, which have both been erected. The last of the new sod was being laid on Wednesday. Handicap parking is to be included in the build.

Engineer Drew Jones of Polston Engineering, Williams and Montz Construction worked carefully to avoid taking out some of the old oaks and massive trees on the property. The layout of the project was shifted a bit to accommodate the trees.


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