SEBRING – The aliens are coming to Sebring on June 24th. Have no fear, their creator, R.A. Miller, says they come in peace. Instead of “take us to your leader,” they will be chanting “take me to Dimitiri’s Back Alley Bar & Grill.”

Why would aliens want to take over Dimitri’s? Because that’s where Miller’s short film Thalon will be filmed. Miller is bringing the big screen industry to the small town. Miller wrote the scifi drama and has been in pre-production works with cast members, a director and producers since March.

Miller wrote the script and is one of the executive producers.

The movie’s official synopsis per its website, “Set in a futuristic world, a lone detective is framed for a murder her didn’t commit, seeks out the only man he trusts to clear his name while being pursued by a ruthless bounty hunter.”

Miller’s cast and crew are made up of very diverse individuals including an 18 year-old Mace Walker, from St. Petersburg, who, despite her age has been in the film industry for four years and has several movies under her belt. She is the owner/operator of ReelRebel Media.

Dennis Mallen, of Sebring, plays John Noble and is the co-executive producer. Noble is a former police officer who is being framed for murder by a police officer.

JC Anthony, of Tampa, is Thalon, a bar owner and self-proclaimed diva in a dark and seedy bar in Hollow City on the planet Kalem. Thalon is Noble’s former lover and must try to hide him from the bounty hunter. When in human form, Anthony is a dispatcher.

Britt Chase-Shellee, of Orlando, is the galaxy’s most feared bounty hunter, as Charley Rasp. At 5-feet-11 inches and looking like a runway model, she is off to hunt the 6-feet-2 inches of Noble.

Joe Boi, drives from Deltona to play the role of Carle Green, the wicked cop and mafia goon who is framing the hero. John Clark is Dac, the bartender and bodyguard to Thalon. While not on set, he likes the beaches of his hometown of Clearwater over the darkness of Kalem.

Sebring’s Phlex Smith is a popular rapper and model, plays Sam Travers, who flirts shamelessly with Thalon. He may also be flirting with danger.

Don Larson hails from the land of Mickey Mouse and has won several prestigious best actor awards and brings a little Florida royalty to the production. Larson uses his homelessness as a cloak of invisibility and sees much more than anyone knows. He saw Noble’s attempted murder.

The movie ends in a cliff hanger. Don’t try to get the ending out of Miller because he might tell you but he would be forced to kill you off in his next script. Miller has been writing since he was a child. He even writes for the Highlands News-Sun and is the news clerk.

“This project is a labor of love for everyone involved,” Miller said. “I’m so excited to finally be able to take my love of storytelling and apply it to the silver screen.”

Miller will eventually enter the short film into different festivals after the post-production is finished.

Miller anticipates making more films with Mallen over the next few years. A second movie, a comedy, written by Miller, is in pre-production now.

“This is just the first of what I anticipate being many stories I am able to bring to life. I’m working with some talented people who are elevating my work. It’s a dream come true,” Miller said.

The executive producers are excited to keep the movies local as it helps the county’s economy. The crew eats and stays in local motels.

“It is something different,” Miller said. “There is nothing like it. We are bringing diversity to the county.”

The movie features two gay male leads and it is being filmed during LGBTQ Pride Month, which was not a coincidence. The final cast has been determined. The producers and director are still accepting extras for the movie that will be shot Dimitri’s at 5 a.m. on June 24. Send a head shot or photograph by Saturday, June 15, to

Follow the progress of Thalon and support the local artists by following Thalonmovie on Instagram and Facebook.


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