Adulting 101


Young adults who took part in the 2018 Adulting 101 program at North Port Public Library learned — among other things — about basic car repair.

By Marcus Gilfert

For The Sun

As a parent of teenagers I often feel like what I tell my children goes in one ear and out the other. I often wonder if they will be successful at everyday living once they leave the nest.

Simple things like scheduling a doctor’s appointment or filling out a check can seem mystifying when you’ve never done it before. To help with this the library will be offering a series of monthly programs called Adulting 101 so young adults can feel more confident about living on their own.

These programs are designed to provide information as well as critical thinking and decision-making skills to high school students and recent graduates on a variety of topics. Independent living topics include finding a job, staying healthy, getting into college, opening a bank account and more.

The first program in the series will focus on jobs at 6 p.m. Tuesday, Sept. 17. This session will be taught by Goodwill Job Connection expert Antonia Quiros. The library will provide additional resources and tips.

Participants will receive instruction on job searching, filling out an application, creating a resume, interviewing, building a reference list and more.

The interactive nature of the program allows participants to search for and apply to actual jobs.

The October session will cover the importance of voting, as well as how to register and vote.

November will center on college, including selection, application, and financial aid.

In December, participants will learn the basics of banking from choosing the right bank and account type to maintaining a reasonable budget.

Participants in the fall sessions will help determine what is offered in the spring. Each session will have experts from the field available to answer questions and provide authority needed to engage teens. The interactive nature of the programs allows participants to focus on areas they choose.

Young adults can sign up for individual sessions or the entire series online, by phone, or in person at the library.

While signing up they can explore other programming for teens at the library this fall, including programs for computer coding, book discussions, community leadership, plus many more.

Marcus Gilfert is the Teen Services librarian for North Port Public Library


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