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NORTH PORT — They comes in twos and threes. Classic cars, antique cars and then, just regular cars, to the Coffee and Cars Auto Show at CoolToday Park.

They line up in the first row of the parking lot. Others park ordinary cars nearby and come over to stare at the classics.

There are Dodge Challengers, Chevrolet Belvederes, a De Lorean, an old 1930s pickup truck. The crowd stops and asks questions. The owners proudly show off engines, interiors, trunks.

They tell stories of restorations and paint changes, including one owner who tells of an exterior paint costing more than $800 per gallon.

These vehicles are clearly not intended to be driven to Publix every week.

The show takes place on the third Saturday of each month. Admission is free. Coffee is available and it as much a gathering of owners as a show for outsiders.

Car owners Howard Freeman of Englewood and Sam Roberts of North Port discuss restoration costs.

Others sit and discuss their years in the military, fuel displacement numbers and other nearby cars that have yet to be restored.

It’s a gathering of fans. It is a gathering of friends. It is well worth a Saturday morning once a month.


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