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NORTH PORT — Various charities were headed last week to Florida to set up relief efforts for any impacts related to Hurricane Dorian.

Samaritan’s Purse, the relief arm of Billy Graham Ministries, has a convoy of trucks loaded and ready to head out of Boone, North Carolina.

“First, we have to see where this storm is headed,” said Alyssa Benson, the group’s spokeswoman. “Once we know where it goes, we are headed to Florida.”

The trucks contain materials to clear up roads, remove water and mud from homes and help “in any way possible,” she said.

Operation Blessing, a part of the 700 Club ministries, sent a convoy of trucks out of Norfolk, Virginia early Friday. Destination: Ocala, Florida.

“We have a warehouse and staging area in Ocala,” spokesman Chris Roslyn said. “The caravan has been deployed and the trucks have water and ready-to-eat meals for thousands.”

Roslyn said the group will wait under cover in Ocala.

“We will wait in Ocala until the storm passes. We also have a full mobile kitchen in Ocala ready to roll,” he said.

UMCOR, associated with the United Methodist Church, has put out a call for those not affected by the storm to volunteer to help others.

“It’s the way we operate,” said Gretchen Hastings of the group.

Other groups planning to help out are Joyce Meyer Ministries out of Missouri and Catholic Charities.


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