NORTH PORT — Sarasota County Sheriff’s detectives charged a North Port woman with illegally providing dental services in a Warm Mineral Springs home.

Ekaterina Gennadyevnap Seletskaya, 42, faces felony charges of practicing dental hygiene service without a license and offering dental assistant services outside of a licensed dental office, according to court reports released Tuesday.

Detectives said a person complained on Oct. 31 that Seletskaya was providing fillings and crowns, and performing root canals at her home on the 12300 block of Hernando Road in Warm Mineral Springs, just north of the North Port city limits.

The person, who was not named in the report, told detectives Seletskaya was a dentist in Russia and only accepted Russian and Ukrainian patients via word of mouth, and only accepted cash. Seletskaya is identified in court records as a “legal visitor” to the United States.

The person making the complaint gave the Sheriff’s Office photos and a video of a room in the home, showing a reclining dental chair, swing lamp, dental instruments and tools, dental impressions and anatomical dental models, and a handwritten appointment book.

Detectives obtained a search warrant and went to the home on Dec. 10. The room had been painted and the chair had been removed.

Investigators questioned Seletskaya through a Russian-speaking officer. She said she was a dentist in Russia, but denied having a dental office set up in her home and said she did not practice dentistry in the United States as she was unlicensed. She said people came to her for dental advice, but she referred them to other dentists in the area.

Investigators found medical-grade dental tools, impression kits, a dental supply journal and an appointment book in her home, and also seized a cell phone.

Seletskaya was arrested Monday. She bonded out of the Sarasota County Jail later in the day on a $20,000 bond, court records show. She will be arraigned Feb. 19.

This is the second time in recent years law enforcement has arrested people for providing illegal dental services in the North Port area. In 2019, North Port Police arrested Enrique Gravier, 48, and his wife, Adriana Gutierrez Hoyos, 47, during a raid on their home in the 1300 block of South San Mateo Drive in 2019. Police called it “Operation Extraction.”

Both were charged with one felony count each of practicing dentistry without a license and an additional felony charge for conspiring to commit a third-degree felony.

The couple built a practice serving the Spanish-speaking population for about five years, police said.

“In the garage was a room that was built inside of the garage and was being utilized as a dentist workspace. Inside was a dentist chair, waiting chairs and dentist equipment. The detective then left the residence,” said city spokesperson Joshua Taylor at the time of the arrest.

Enrique Gravier pleaded guilty in 2019 to violating Florida law regulating medical practices and sentenced to time served and probation, according to court records. Hoyos adhered to terms of pretrial agreement with prosecutors, and the charges were dismissed in January 2020.

Scott Lawson contributed to this report


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