NORTH PORT — A Staffordshire terrier mix was shot and taken to an animal hospital after attacking a dachshund Tuesday.

Police were called to the scene at 8:52 a.m. in North Port.

A man was walking his dachshund near the intersection of Sudlow Avenue and La Goy Street when the Staffordshire terrier mix came running without a leash and began attacking the other dog, North Port Public Information Officer Josh Taylor said.

The man picked up his 25-pound dachshund as the more than 80-pound Staffordshire terrier mix continued to go after the smaller dog, police said.

The owner of the Staffordshire terrier mix, who recently moved into the area, then came out of his home to get his dog, but was unsuccessful. Another neighbor then began throwing water at the dog in an attempt to stop the attack.

The owner of the dachshund then informed the other dog owner that he had a gun before using it to shoot the Staffordshire terrier mix in the shoulder, Taylor said.

Both dogs were later taken to separate veterinarians.

The North Port Police Department assisted in getting the Staffordshire terrier mix to the veterinarian. Taylor said the gunshot did not hit any major organs and the dog is expected to survive.

Taylor said no charges are expected and Sarasota County Animal Services will be following up on the incident.


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Why NO CHARGES??? There is a law against not controlling your animals. If this was a PIT BULL not only would that Dachshund be dead but also maybe the dog owner as well.

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