NORTH PORT — Emanne Beasha’s journey on “America’s Got Talent” will continue next week.

After being nearly eliminated during Wednesday night’s show, it was judge Simon Cowell who secured Emanne’s place in the Sept. 18 finals. She got three out of four judges’ votes to earn her place in the finals.

Despite all the praise from judges following her performance Tuesday, Emanne was one of three acts that were up for elimination. Viewers were asked to vote for one of the three.

While Emanne didn’t win the vote, her place in the finals was secured in the last two minutes of the show when the decision was left up to the judges.

“You’re a gift from another planet,” Judge Julianne Hough said ahead of her vote on Wednesday.

Judge Gabrielle Union said she watched and approved of the way Emanne carried herself onstage, offstage and with the other contestants and members of the crew.

“I watch how you behave and you’re a professional,” Union said.

On Tuesday night’s show, Emanne performed “(Everything I Do) I Do It for You,” a 1991 song co-written and made popular by Canadian singer Bryan Adams. Emanne performed the Italian translation of the song, “Quello Che Faro,” which was recorded by mezzo-soprano Katherine Jenkins, in a soaring operatic style.

When Emanne finished, Judge Hogue searched for words. “It was profound. It was beautiful,” she said.

“You have this unbelievable powerhouse voice,” Cowell said, “You don’t even know how good you are, which makes it so amazing.”

Judge Queen Latifah echoed their enthusiasm. “Let me tell you something, young lady, you are unbelievable,” she said. “Your confidence is just gorgeous, so keep doing what you do.”

Judge Gabrielle Union called Emanne an actual angel on Earth on Tuesday night.

• • •

Emanne, 10, has been impressing judges since late June.

On Tuesday, residents gathered in the Sherwood Forest Lounge at Olde World restaurant to cheer on Emanne in the semi-finals. North Port City Commissioner Jill Luke helped organize the event along with Olde World owner Teresa Skoczylas.

For Skoczylas this is special, after her own son Anthony had gotten support from the community some 20 years ago. Skoczylas said her son was able to play a golf tournament in England thanks to the support. She wants to provide the same support for Emanne and her journey through “America’s Got Talent.”

“He took second place out of 2,000 kids and put North Port on the map,” Skoczylas said. “We want Emanne to do the same.”

Skoczylas reminisced about her son’s own journey on Tuesday saying that North Port’s support was essential. She wants the same for Emanne to be able to come back to North Port

Tuesday’s celebration at Olde World included Emanne’s great aunt Anne Starr, who was in tears watching Emanne sing and said she was completely amazed.

“I couldn’t be more proud,” Starr said.

At Olde World Emanne’s fans praised her. North Port resident Karen Knudsen had never heard Emanne before and was speechless on Tuesday night. “She’s amazing,” Knudsen said.

Port Charlotte resident Garbiole Van Bryce returned to cheer on Emanne again. Van Bryce had come out to a previous watch party at CoolToday Park and was at Olde World on Tuesday.

“It was a much more complex song, the depth was amazing,” Van Bryce said.

Van Bryce added that Emanne was such a gift to the community.

“She is, in one, word extraordinary,” Van Bryce said.

The “America’s Got Talent” final airs at 8 p.m. Tuesday and concludes Sept. 18, on NBC.


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