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NORTH PORT — On Friday afternoon, ahead of her final presentation at the North Port Art Center, Emanne Beasha is enjoying her afternoon with a friend.

Emanne, 10, who is known by some family members as EB, isn’t nervous about her upcoming episode of “America’s Got Talent,” and it was evident on Friday afternoon.

On Tuesday night, audiences will find out if she made it through her round of judge cuts.

The family is excited for the next episode to air, and to see what comes next for the young singer.

Judge cuts is the last round before “America’s Got Talent,” heads to the live show at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood later this summer.

While Emanne is only 10, her operatic voice impressed judges. Right now, she is at home she is just enjoying her summer.

“(It’s) good, busy, a lot of fun,” Emanne said.

She said in some ways, she’ll be happy when it’s over. But she is looking forward to feedback from friends and what they think of her performance.

“I’m most looking forward to the results,” Emanne said.

Her mother, Megan Beasha, said Friday it’s just been a waiting game at this point, but they’re happy as they continue forward.

“We’re really excited,” Beasha said.

She says they can’t wait to see what’s broadcast on Tuesday, if it’s the entire package on Tuesday or just clips.

“We’re hoping they’ll show a lot of her,” Beasha said.

Megan Beasha added she was thankful Jay Leno is the guest host for this Tuesday’s episode.

“(He) was a fantastic judge,” she said.

While they’re excited for Tuesday’s episode, things have been exciting during the summer in North Port.

Emanne’s local celebrity status was on display recently as she and her siblings had a chance to visit the North Port Police Department and Fire Department.

“That was really fun,” Emanne said.

Her grandmother, Dianne Ruffel, said that both departments were so welcoming and kind to both EB and her little brother, Jojo.

All of North Port has been supportive, according to both Emanne’s mother and grandmother. Megan Beasha added that North Port City Commissioner Jill Luke has been very supportive of EB.

“Jill Luke is amazing,” Megan said. “She’s become a friend.”

Luke celebrated EB’s accomplishments after “America’s Got Talent” first aired. She’s also been kind and supportive of Jojo, according to Megan.

“Reception has been great in North Port,” Megan Beasha said.

“America’s Got Talent” airs at 8 p.m. on Tuesday.

Emanne Beasha can be found on Facebook.


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