NORTH PORT — Florida Power & Light has begun its emergency preparation ahead of Hurricane Dorian.

In a release from the company, it stated it has activated its emergency plans with some 16,000 crews from across the United States ready to aid Florida. Louisville Gas & Electric and Utilities is one of the crews coming to Florida, according to FPL's Twitter.

Duke Energy is also sending some 10,000 personnel from across the Midwest to Florida, according to Duke Energy's Twitter page.

During the afternoon press conference held by FPL, FPL Public Information Officer Dave Reuters said that some 34 crews from 34 states and Canada were coming to Florida to aid in restoration of power.

"(There are) 24 staging sites across the state, (we're) working to identify additional locations," Reuters said.

Reuters did not elaborate where the staging sites were and what locations they were looking at.

Though critical sites and lines have been identified by 34 counties FPL serves, according to Reuters.

These sites could be hospitals, fire stations, police stations and the like.

"We're better prepared," Reuters said.

Reuters did stress that customers can expect power outages and that the time of restoration would be determined by damage to the area.

"We know there will be outages but we won't know until after the storm," Reuters said.

Reuters explained that following Hurricane Irma FPL has been working to better serve customers and has had stress test on the power lines. Some of the lines that were placed underground did perform better.

Though Reuters added that flooding may delay repairs to underground lines and customers may need to wait longer for the waters to recede.

"Flooding may delay (restoration) along with the speed of the storm," Reuters said.

The biggest cause of delays to power restoration following Hurricane Irma was the vegetation, FPL has been working to trim back trees. Though Reuters explained trees on private property were the biggest problem for power restoration.

Florencia Olivera, spokesperson for FPL, told the Sun that FPL did not have an exact list of who was on their way, but the bulk of the force is made up of FPL employees.

Olivera added that FPL is in preparation mode currently.

Along with monitoring the storm, FPL is also preparing for impact along the east coast and will be assessing following the storm.

FPL is also working to position crews and equipment in preparation for restoration following the storm. On FPL's website customers can find information about how to prepare for the storm, what to do during the storm and after the storm.

There are also several ways that customers can monitor outages and report outages.

• To report an outage use the report an outage button on FPL's website, call 1-800-468-8243 or the FPL application on a mobile device.

• Signing up for outage alerts can also be done via FPL's website in order to be notified. Special updates can be set for hurricane restoration efforts.

• FPL also provides an interactive guides for residents to prepare for storms, as well as what to do in the aftermath of the storm.

• Residents can also monitor FPL updates via Facebook and via Twitter @insideFPL.


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