Holly Anderson

North Port Library Manager Holly Anderson is assisting with a summer reading program.

Adults are being encouraged to sign up for “A Universe of Stories,” the Summer Reading program.

This year, no matter what age or reading level, every minute spent on reading or listening to books counts toward a goal that the entire community can enjoy: Adopting a star for North Port.

Starting June 3, precious minutes spent on devices or between the pages reading and enjoying favorite authors can contribute to the library’s goal: 23,000 reading minutes by Aug. 3. That’s about 383 hours of reading time logged within 60 days.

Register in person at North Port Library to receive a bookmark-sized log to track 20-minute increments, a summer reading bag and relevant items. Return the completed log to the library so it can be added to the entire community allotment.

If the library reaches this goal, Sarasota County will donate $100 to the Adopt a Star nonprofit organization (https://adoptastar.org/) on North Port Library’s behalf so that the library can obtain a star bright enough to see in the night sky without a telescope, and will be able to track the star throughout the year.

The library will receive a certificate of this adoption, commemorating this achievement for the North Port community. There will also be a celebration!

Visit the library throughout the summer and check out the chart in the shape of a rocket blasting into space. It will mark the progress toward the 23,000 minute goal.

Another motivating reason to sign up and track reading minutes: adults model behavior to their children. Summer learning is not just for children and teens. When adults participate, they can cozy up with their family members for reading time together. Share the stories, the characters on their journeys, and enjoy the imaginative experiences with one another.

North Port Library also has programs and events for the entire family, including an indoor planetarium during the last week of July and “Back to the Moon” with NASA Ambassador Linda McKenna on Monday, Aug. 12. Some programs require registration.

Check with the library for details or see the library’s calendar of events (https://scgovlibrary.librarymarket.com/events/month).

Cathay Keough is the adult services librarian for North Port Public Library


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