West Price Boulevard

Should North Port plan to spend $42 million to widen busy West Price Boulevard? City leaders want your input in a new survey as they prepare the 2021 budget.

NORTH PORT — Should the city of North Port spend money creating a second dog park or widening West Price Boulevard?

Should city officials put more focus on bringing jobs to the community or preserving natural space?

Now is your chance to let North Port leaders know how and where your tax money should be spent. The city launched an online survey this week to help leaders prepare the 2021-2022 budget, which goes into effect Oct. 1. It’s also a way to get people’s opinions on what they want the city to look like in the next few years.

The survey is live now, and available at https://bit.ly/37bOKKr. It is planned to stay open until the end of the day March 5.

The six-page web survey includes several dozen questions about how people use their city facilities and services, including parks and other amenities, but also roads and emergency services. It also asks what priorities the city should have when it comes those services.

For instance, one question asks whether the person taking the survey would support a referendum for widening West Price Boulevard for $42 million. Would you? Check yes or no.

Other questions include:

• What type of improvements do you feel would add the most value to North Port’s transportation network for residents and businesses?

• Road maintenance is one of North Port’s highest priorities. Do you feel the amount of maintenance spending is adequate?

• Providing quality Solid Waste service is a priority. Do you feel you get a good value (service and quality) for the amount you pay?

• Would you be willing to pay more to cover rising costs of solid waste service (equipment, disposal and labor)?

• Which of these services are valuable to you? (Selections include exercise/fitness, summer camp, teen and youth programming, adult leagues, meetings/banquet spaces, outdoor recreation opportunities, swim lesson, recreation program scholarships and volunteer opportunities.)

City officials, including administration and city commissioners, will use the compiled data as they begin the budget process in the next few months.

For more information about the survey, contact the city’s Finance Department at 941-429-7107 or finance@cityofnorthport.com.


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