NORTH PORT — The North Port Huskies youth football team will begin practice for its spring season Feb. 18.

As of now, about 25 players are going through conditioning on their field at Butler Park. About 25 players have signed up for the team online for the season that begins in mid-March. The season schedules are still being worked on by the officials from the Manatee Youth Football Conference.

“We’ll probably have five or six regular season games,” said Huskies Vice President Kevin Palmer. “And we might have some things going on after the regular season is over.”

Turner will be the head coach of the 12-under Huskies. Nate Clark and Jimmy Raoul will be the 14-under coaches. The coaches for the 10-under, 8-under and 6-under teams haven’t been determined yet. The 6-under team will play flag football.

The fall season’s practices will start July 22. New teams from Lee County may be involved this year.

“That could mean we might have 10 regular-season games,” Palmer said. “We just don’t know yet.”

Currently, most of the teams in the conference are from Manatee County.

The Huskies have been one of the most successful programs in the conference in recent seasons.

Last fall season, the 14-under team won the MYFC championships and played in the regionals, making the finals. The 10-under and 8-under teams finished second in the conference. The 10-under team also played in the regionals.

In 2014, the Huskies 14-under team won the county and regional crowns and finished third in the national tournament in Orange County.


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