NORTH PORT — Yoga is growing quickly in the city. Just ask Angel Loflin.

“The interest in yoga in North Port is definitely getting larger,” Loflin said. She is the studio manager of North Port Yoga + Wellness, which has just moved into larger space in Bobcat Village. “We have gone from 2,000 square feet to our new facility, which is 3,000 square feet.”

The facility, which draws people from North Port to Port Charlotte to Punta Gorda, now offers 31 classes per week at the facility. Starting at the end of January, classes will also be offered in several off-site facilities, including one in the Charlotte County Jail near the Punta Gorda Airport.

“Yoga can help with so many issues and with so many age groups,” Loflin said. “We work with children, veterans, adults with physical and emotional pain. We are building a community here.”

The new facility also offers massage therapy. Loflin’s husband, Matt, is a licensed massage therapist at the facility.

Angel likes it that the new location is quiet and offers view of the adjacent woodlands. “It is peaceful,” she said. “Tranquility is important to yoga.”

In addition to the scheduled classes, North Port Yoga and Wellness offers free yoga to veterans in a Wednesday class. The veterans’ caretakers can also participate for free. That means the wives of veterans, or the husbands, can attend for free, she said. Many veterans suffer from post traumatic stress disorder, she said. “PTSD responds well to yoga exercise”.

Loflin is a native of Austin, Texas. When she came to North Port three years ago, the studio operated out of a “very small space.” Two moves later, the 3,000-square-foot complex “seems quite spacious.”

Natalie DiMauro originally opened the North Port Yoga Centerin 2013 at 1001 Corporate Ave. Amy Osborne took on ownership three years later, after graduating from Loyola Marymount University with her Master of Arts in Yoga Studies degree, including study of history, tradition and practice including study in India. Amy later brought on co-owners Angel and Matt Loflin in 2017 in response to the growing demand for therapeutic wellness services.

“That place (North Port) is surging,” Osborne said. “Lots of growth ahead.”

A grand re-opening and open house for the new facility is planned for 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Saturday, Feb. 8 at North Port Yoga + Wellness, 2525 Bobcat Village Center Road. For more information, visit, email or call 941-423-5409.


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