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Authorities in North Port are seeking information on a man considered suspicious for speaking with two juvenile girls at a North Port community pool.

NORTH PORT — Two young teenagers swimming at the Cedar Grove swimming pool on Saturday evening grew uneasy when approached by a man they did not know.

The man asked them to go with him to get drinks and food while at the neighborhood near North Port’s northwest side, police said Tuesday.

The two girls refused the man’s offer and later contacted the police, according to a social media post from North Port Police.

According to an investigation, the girls told police that at one point it was only them and one man left in the neighborhood pool. He approached them and made small talk. Then he asked if they wanted to go get some sushi with them.

They refused, citing their age, asked the man how old he was. He claimed he was 19; they replied they knew he was older than that.

The man asked them if they wanted to get something to drink and they declined. According to the report, one of the girls told him her father was a policeman. At this point, the man said he was only kidding, quickly got out of the pool and left.

She later said the man made her feel “weird.”

Police have surveillance photos of the man entering and leaving the pool area and would like to talk with the man.

He was seen driving a late-model dark car.

The juveniles told investigators that the man who approached them had a strong German or Russian accent.

Anyone with information on this incident should contact North Port Police Detective Chris Maki at 941-429-7323.


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