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Gabby Petito case: FBI tows Mustang from Laundrie home

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UPDATE: The FBI is towing a Ford Mustang from the home of Chris and Roberta Laundrie. The FBI entered the home earlier today. 

North Port police cordoned off the home this morning and FBI agents went inside. Police brought in a stack of empty cardboard evidence boxes. Later, another officer delivered food and beverages, presumably for the agents and technicians who are spending much of the day inside the home.

UPDATE: The FBI is speaking with Brian Laundrie's parents this morning at their Wabasso Avenue home.

Neighbors say North Port police arrived this morning and cordoned off the home with crime scene tape and "10 to 12" FBI agents went into the home. 

North Port police still have the home cordoned off with police tape and are limiting access to the street. 

"This is scary … and tragic," said Judy Richardson, a neighbor watching from her lawn across from the Laundrie home.

Media are lining her street. A national reporter asked to use her bathroom. A TV helicopter circled the area Monday morning.

NORTH PORT — Brian Laundrie is still missing, but North Port police appear to be amping up their investigation Monday into the boyfriend of Gabrielle Petito, whose body police say they found Sunday in the Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming.

North Port Police have blocked off Wabasso Avenue on Monday morning and put up yellow crime-scene tape at the house where Brian Laudrie's parents lived and where Brian and Petito lived before taking their trip out west in a Ford Transit van. 

It's a big difference from last week, when the street was open and media began arriving as word about Petito's disappearance was made public.

By the end of the week and through the weekend, the street was crowded with media crews, people curious about the case and many yelling for the Laundrie family and Brian to tell police everything they knew about Petito to help authorities find her.

Dozens of people, including media, are still on Wabasso this morning to see what's happening at the home.

Police say Laundrie's parents called them Friday night to report Brian was missing. Police said they thought Brian was in the area of Myakkahatchee Creek Environmental Park in North Port or the sprawling T. Mabry Carlton Reserve across a drainage canal in South Sarasota County. They were areas where he liked to hike, and he took a backpack with him, his parents told police.

But two days of searching in both the city park and the reserve didn't yield Brian Laundrie, who is still listed as a "person of interest" in Gabby Petito's disappearance and as a missing person himself.

Meanwhile, the Laundrie family's attorney Steve Bertolino, told a New York television station news reporter that after Brian Laundrie left home Tuesday in his car, his parents drove to the entrance of the Carlton Reserve and found it there.

A note on the car from the North Port Police Department said it needed to be removed, Bertolino told ABC7 News.

Bertolino told the reporter "the family picked up the car, Brian Laundrie was using, on Thursday morning from the reserve after going out on Wednesday to look for their son," the station reported.

"The family left the car overnight 'so he could drive back,' the attorney said. When Laundrie didn't come home Thursday morning, the family went back to retrieve the car.

The North Port Police have not answered questions Monday about the case and have not confirmed the note on the car, nor and information about the Laundrie family.


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