NOTE: The North Port Sun is profiling candidates and issues for the next election cycle.

NORTH PORT — David Iannotti is seeking North Port's District 1 commission seat held by Vanessa Carusone, who is term limited. Richard Suggs and Nicholas Trolli have also filed for the position. The primary election is Aug. 18, and the general election on Nov. 3.

Iannotti as a regional account manager for a Sarasota firm. His professional resume is available at

NP Sun: Why run for city commission?

Iannotti: “As a North Port resident of 15 years, I have witnessed a lack of fiscal responsibility and long-term thinking in the city commission. I want to change both. As commissioner, I will be a voice for sensible decisions. Our government must differentiate between wants and needs, just as our households do. As commissioner, I will work for long-term prosperity in North Port.”

Sun: Qualifying background

Iannotti: “I am a graduate of Providence College (Rhode Island) with a bachelor's degree in history. My professional career has been focused on technical sales and sales management. I moved to North Port in 2005. I have been active in following all city issues closely. I have spoken several times before commission and regularly communicate with commissioners. I currently serve on the City's Beautification & Tree/Scenic Highway Advisory Board.”

Sun: Platform goals

Iannotti: “My first goal as commissioner is to restore fiscal responsibility. The city must be ever cognizant of its fiduciary responsibility to the taxpayers. My biggest goal is to look at all matters before the commission through a long-term lens. The city of North Port is fortunate to be a young city not yet built out. We must be sure to not make mistakes that other cities have. This takes carefully considering the ramifications of our actions, not just on us but on future generations. To that end we need to develop economic and employment opportunities that help our residents while diversifying our tax base. We must examine all actions to ensure a demonstrable return for the city and the residents.

"Lastly, we must protect our natural resources and our neighborhoods. Clear-cutting for development with zero effective mitigation is what we currently have in North Port … and that must change. Protecting the value of our neighborhoods is paramount to our quality of life and long-term prosperity.”

Sun: North Port’s priorities

Iannotti: “Long-term prosperity, which includes quality of life, fiscal responsibility, infrastructure investments and economic diversification.”

Sun: How do you campaign?

Iannotti: “Campaigning in the time of COVID-19 has been a challenge. There have only been a few virtual forums. There is one coming up sponsored by the League of Women Voters of Sarasota County (5:30 p.m. Aug. 5). These forums are an enjoyable way to speak to our citizens, although I wish we could hold a public debate. Beyond these forums, I have a Facebook page. I am not raising large amounts of money and have kept signage to a minimum. I find signs, T-shirts, car magnets, etc. a poor way to pick a candidate. I really hope to get my message out — which is I will bring my principles and not empty promises to the position.”

Sun: As a city commissioner, how would you be remembered in 100 years?

Iannotti: “Wow … 100 years. I would want my actions to be seen as principled and forward-looking.”



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