North Port issues 10,000 building permits in 2018

Workers continue construction on a new home in North Port along Spring Haven Drive — one of about a half-dozen being built in a quarter-mile stretch of the road.

NORTH PORT — The city of North Port has issued 10,000 building permits this year – the most since 2006.

The city issued more than 1,000 additional permits so far this year, already exceeding last year’s total of 9,018, said William Kiddy, administrative services specialist for North Port’s Neighborhood Development Services.

This year, 1,241 home permits have been issued compared to 1,036 last year.

“It shows the growth that North Port is going through,” Kiddy said. “We’re continuing to grow and it’s not slowing down. It’s just getting bigger and bigger every year.”

The areas experiencing the most growth are the Woodlands area on the city’s east side and the West Villages, which is due to the development of the new Atlanta Braves spring training stadium, Kiddy said.

While the number of home permits rose this year, the number of commercial permits went down. The city issued 49 commercial permits so far this year and 71 in total last year.

Commissioner Vanessa Carusone, who has lived in North Port since the early 1980s, said the city was a just two-lane road before. She’s seen the city grow from having one place to eat: Olde World and one place to shop: Winn-Dixie, to developing large-scale projects this year, including the aquatic center at Butler Park, the Atlanta Braves CoolToday Park spring training stadium and a new Hilton-brand hotel.

She said the increase in home permits will help more commercial businesses come into the city.

“Commercial only wants to come in if there’s only a certain amount of rooftops,” Carusone said. “They calculate rooftops and they average income based on the population as a whole, so in order for us to get certain types of commercial businesses in here that our residents want and need, they look at those numbers, so that’s going to help improve bringing in things like, Dave & Buster’s and stuff that people are really looking for as far as things to do around here.”


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