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NORTH PORT — Emanne Beasha is heading straight to the live shows on “America’s Got Talent.”

Tuesday night’s celebrity judge Jay Leno was in awe of the 10-year-old opera singer. The former “Tonight Show” host and comedian was the one who awarded Emanne her Golden Buzzer.

“I feel like I’m a witness to something extremely special,” Leno said. “And at some point in my career, people will say, ‘What do you remember most?’ I remember hitting the Golden Buzzer.”

In his after performance interview on “America’s Got Talent’s” official Twitter, Leno said “it’s a talent that comes maybe once a decade.”

“I knew that was my Golden Buzzer within the first 10 or 15 seconds,” Leno said.

Getting the Golden Buzzer sends Emanne straight to the live shows at the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles.

The live shows will be in late August, according to “America’s Got Talent.”

Her mother, Megan said that Emanne is relieved that she’s going to the live show.

“She’s looking forward to it because she doesn’t have to keep it a secret,” Megan said.

Megan said she was glad that Leno was her judge, and ahead of her episode airing Megan praised Leno — though she added Emanne is nervous because how she performs is what the audience will see.

Emanne’s performance on Wednesday morning was trending at No. 19 on YouTube — The video had 21,000 likes and 817,075 views.

“It’s been a really great reaction,” Megan said.

Locally, posts made on Facebook by the North Port Art Center, where Emanne is a student, had 99 shares, 16 comments and 67 reactions.

Emanne has spent the summer at the North Port Art Center, and Youth Art Director Clare Harvey said Emanne is like family.

“We’re so proud and so excited,” Harvey said.

On Aug. 2, Emanne had her final performance at the art center and Harvey commented you’d have no idea that she was on “America’s Got Talent.”

Harvey said Emanne has just been a regular kid all summer enjoying the art programs.

The art center has been supportive of Emanne and her journey on “America’s Got Talent.”

“It was fun for us,” Harvey said.

Like the art center, The Rock Box Music School & Stage posted about Emanne. Emanne just started guitar lessons at the center and her recent achievement was celebrated.

Rock Box owner Angel Bartolotta said it was super exciting. He added they weren’t big into “America’s Got Talent,” before but now they are.

“We’re super proud of her and it’s great for North Port,” Bartolotta said.

He stresses Rock Box isn’t responsible for her voice, that’s all her. Emanne had started guitar lessons earlier this summer, and they had no idea.

“After they left, I recognized her from the Sun Weekly,” Bartolotta said.

Rock Box considers her family and fully supporting Emanne on “America’s Got Talent.”

Her teacher Ray Rogers wasn’t aware of it and doesn’t normally watch television.

“She does very well,” Rogers said.

Rogers added that Emanne is wise and asks a variety of questions, and her wide variety of talent helps with her playing and learning.

“She just kind of gets it,” Rogers said.

• • •

Megan said that those who are following can expect to see Emanne on one of the last Judge Cut episodes this month. Then its off to the live shows by the end of August.

From here it becomes unknown, and Megan says that it could be two weeks in Los Angeles or they could win it all.

“Nothing is set in stone,” Megan said.

When asked about what comes next, Megan can’t say much but some interesting opportunities have come up. She’s also mentioned that there is some local opportunities, but she hasn’t committed to anything yet.

“(We have) some interesting opportunities, which is exciting,” Megan said.

Megan did add that North Port City Commissioner Jill Luke had tried to organize a watch party, but it hadn’t worked out. She said Luke may try again now with the live shows.

“America’s Got Talent” airs at 8 p.m. Tuesday.

Emanne Beasha can be found on Facebook.


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