NORTH PORT — Taking photos at a wedding is a traditional practice that goes back to the earliest days of photography.

Scott Davis, co-owner of Blue Hammock Studios, believes still photography is important to capture the memories, however the latest in video technology and technique can do much more.

Davis is a videographer. He believes videos of a wedding can be much more effective — and treasured. “I find most couples review their wedding video much more often than they pull out an album of pictures,” he said during a meeting in a North Port coffee shop.

Davis and his business partner, Nate Paruch, started Blue Hammock Studios, and they specialize in wedding videos.

He agreed to answer questions about his growing business.

How did you get your start in videography?

I was a regular photographer in the U.S. Army. I always enjoyed taking pictures. But the opportunity to train in videos came up and I grabbed at it.

How long did you serve in the Army?

I was a photojournalist in the Army from 2006 to 2012 and during my Army career deployed twice to Afghanistan, 2008-2009 and 2010 to 2011.

Your first job was a wedding?

Yes. It was a natural because most couples set out to hire a photographer when planning their wedding. It was a natural for us to get involved. We work with a lot of wedding photographers who see the value of video as well as still pictures. Plus video has advantages.

What type of advantages?

It is alive, real and captures the wedding in actual time. Besides we can, through editing, emphasize certain parts and people. For example, if a couple says “we don’t like Uncle Bob,” we can minimize his on-screen time.

Are you saying that couples planning nuptials think of photos, but not video?

Exactly. But if they order video, we deliver the goods that they end up watching over and over. Besides, we give them all the digital video, not just the edited piece. That is very popular. But we continue to fight tradition.

What does an edited video of a wedding and reception cost?

There are several packages. Ours start at $1,500, and go up to $2,800 for the “full monty.”

What would you like to see your company doing in two years?

Growing. Would love to shoot some destination weddings overseas. Like a wedding in Ireland, for example. I am doing a wedding on a cruise ship in May, so we’re getting close.

Are weddings the only thing Blue Hammock does?

No, we have done anniversaries, advertisements and other events. We enjoy doing video. It is not work, it’s joy.


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