NORTH PORT - An audience of more than 500 came out to CoolToday Park to support North Port resident Emanne Beasha as she performed during the "America's Got Talent" quarter finals. 

Emanne, 10, performed live at the Dolby Theater in Hollywood.

Once again, the judges were awed - or, as Simon Cowell said - "gobsmacked."

"If you don't make it through, I will eat this judge's table," the occasionally surly judge said.

Comedian Howie Mandel agreed, noting he's not a fan of opera - but Emanne is beyond opera. 

Singer Gabrielle Union said the world of opera owed Emanne because she has made millions of fans with her performances. 

For Emanne's great-aunt, Ann Starr, the night was special.

"It's so emotional and felt like my mom was there," Starr said.

Starr added she was so proud of Emanne and she is unquestionably talented.

"She rocked it," Starr said.

Emanne's mother's cousin, Connie Rhode, said "she did such a good job."

She added that it was cool seeing the community response especially from people who don't know her.

Emanne's family was emotional after her song Tuesday with her great-aunt Scarlett Jones saying that it was awesome.

"We're just so proud of her," Scarlett said.

Emanne's great-grandmother was the opera lover, according to Starr.

“My mom and myself are the opera lovers. That’s where it got started,” Starr said.

Starr said she was excited and proud of Emanne. “It’s an incredible feeling."

Starr said her mother’s voice lives in Emanne and it got started with Emanne’s great-grandmother.

Starr brought her mother’s ashes for the special evening at CoolToday Park.

“That voice of hers - my mom is there,” Starr said.

She was emotional seeing her great-niece on the screen at CoolToday Park.

Emann'e mother, Megan, also had family in the city. Megan Beasha’s cousin Connie Rohde came from Winter Haven to support Emanne, along with her daughter Katelyn, 4.

Rohde said it was very exciting to be in North Port for the Tuesday night live stream.

“This is awesome. It's very exciting that they are doing this for her,” Rohde said.

She said she made the drive down just to see Emanne perform on “America’s Got Talent” from CoolToday Park.

Along with Rhode was great aunt and uncle Scarlett and Bill Jones who live in Sarasota.

“It shocked us seeing all the cars in the parking (lot), it was awesome,” Scarlett said.

Bill added it was scary for him, before Scarlett stepped in saying it was scarier for them - probably not Emanne. Emanne who has sang across the area has also performed with Bill at the Packing House in Sarasota — Bill is also a musician. 

Before the performance

Before the NBC show began, CoolToday Park showed her first audition - and the fans at the North Port facility cheered as she said: "North Port, Florida," when asked where she's from. 

Residents from all over came to support Emanne as she performed on "America's Got Talent." 

Along with family, residents from across the area came out to support Emanne. 

Port Charlotte resident Garbiole Van Bryce was one of those residents who came out. 

"I watch AGT and when I saw her, (it) was jaw dropping," Van Bryce said. 

Van Bryce said she was a huge fan of Emanne and had even made an announcement at her Silver Sneakers class to come out to support Emanne. Van Bryce wants to support not only Emanne but her family through this journey. 

"I love what North Port is doing," Van Bryce said. 

She celebrated the City Commission and what they had put together for Emanne at CoolToday Park. 

"This is going to be good for North Port and our area," Van Bryce said. 

Mary Anne Farrigan, from Venice, was also out to support Emanne. 

"We're feeling it's a great shot," Farrigan said. 

Her friend Christine Babione said that Emanne was amazing and it was a wonderful opportunity. 

Emanne, who goes by the nickname "EB" to some of her friends and family, received the Golden Buzzer in early August from guest celebrity judge, Jay Leno. 

Her journey on "America's Got Talent" began with a show that aired June 25. 

That night stunned the audience and judges. 

“How does that voice come out of that little body?" asked Julianne Hough. "Wow.”

Simon Cowell also praised her.

“I mean seriously, that was unbelievable,” Cowell said. "You are absolutely fantastic.”

Howie Mandel told her he thought: “Your life is never going to be the same and your dreams are about to come true."

“You’re just a star, you know?” Gabrielle Union told Emmane that night.

Her next appearance topped her first: Celebrity guest judge Jay Leno gave her the "Golden Buzzer," propelling her straight into the live shows.

The former “Tonight Show” host praised her in the show that aired Aug. 6.

"Incredible," Terry Crews said from the side of the stage. 

Emanne listened to comments from co-hosts Howie Mandel and Simon Cowell who credited her voice and stage presence.

"You're only 10-years-old," Mandel said. "And we're seeing acts come out here ... and they're sweating and their not performing up to par. They're not stepping it up. And then you come out here and you show them how it's done," Mandel said. 

"To have a voice like this is not something you can train to get," Cowell said. "It genuinely is a gift."

And that's when Leno got his word in.

“I feel like I’m a witness to something extremely special,” Leno said. “And at some point in my career, people will say, ‘What do you remember most?’ I remember hitting the Golden Buzzer.”

What's next?

Her first show performing live to the national audience was Tuesday night. 

The live shows are followed by a 13-hour period of voting for the best acts of the night. 

She was the last one to sing Tuesday, closing out the evening.

The crowd at CoolToday Park cheered as she was on the stage.

The voting period started as soon as the show ended at 10 p.m. Tuesday and ends at 7 a.m. Wednesday. 

Then, Wednesday night everyone will find out if Emanne "EB" Beasha moves onto the semifinals on the show live. Of the 14 performers, seven will move onto the semi-finals set for mid-September. 

Voting takes place either via the AGT official app or by going online to or, if you have an Xfinity X1 remote, by saying “vote for AGT.”

The 10-year-old North Port resident - whose family splits the year between Florida and the Middle East - has been singing in the area for years.

EB's family says she began singing opera while watching opera singers with her mother when EB was about 2. She began entering talent shows when she was 5 and started singing at public events when she was 7.

She sang at spring training games in Port Charlotte and Fort Myers, along with local community groups in North Port where her grandmother is a full-time resident. 


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