AT 308

An Accuracy International AT 308, like this one featured in Rifle Shooter Magazine, was among the weapons taken in a burglary of a Sarasota County Sheriff’s detective’s cruiser earlier this week.

NORTH PORT — The Sarasota County Sheriff's Office has launched an internal investigation after firearms and equipment were stolen out of a detective's vehicle.

A sniper rifle was one of the weapons taken from the vehicle, the office confirmed. 

The crime happened sometime between Monday and Tuesday evening, after the detective left his vehicle unlocked, according to the Sheriff's Office.

"To say that I'm upset would be mild," Sarasota County Sheriff Tom Knight said Wednesday afternoon. "We now have a sniper rifle on the streets because of the negligence."

Authorities were notified by 18-year department veteran Brian Keane that he left his vehicle unlocked during the overnight hours.

Overnight, someone entered the unlocked car and two firearms and specialized equipment were stolen out of the vehicle, according to the sheriff's office.

Keane is a member of the SWAT team and has specialty weapons in his car.

An investigation into Keane has been launched by the Sheriff's Office.

"There's no excuse for it," Knight said. "We'll deal with that internally."

The Sarasota Sheriff's Office is seeking help from the public with any information about the burglary. Anonymous tips can be submitted through Crime Stoppers by calling 941-366-TIPS or through one of the sheriff's office's social media platforms.

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WOW! How could he leave that car unlocked even without those weapons inside????? He needs to be fired. However, sounds like he admitted his dereliction. So, how will they decide what to do with him? Demote him? Bust him back down to Patrolman? Fire him? If a citizen does the same thing and someone gets killed with those weapons, they are sometimes charged with allowing the weapons to be stolen. Cops should have no different treatment. Maybe even worse punishment because they are PAID, PROFESSIONALS and TRAINED not to be foolish.

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