A dangerous Category 4 hurricane is projected to near Florida's east coast late Monday, but the Sarasota County School District has yet to announce school closings, which has made a number of parents uneasy. 

After the district posted an update on Facebook noting that a decision on Tuesday school operations would be made around noon Monday, many parents raised concerns about the district not giving families enough time to prepare or flee from the approaching storm. 

But district spokeswoman Tracey Beeker said Hurricane Dorian's effects on the region remains unclear, adding that wind speeds will determine whether bus operations cease.

Buses cannot transport students if sustained winds reach 30 mph. 

"We are monitoring the storm, and at this point it is too soon to estimate wind speeds," she said. "Hurricanes are fickle. They change moment to moment. We ask our parents to be patient."

Whether or not the storm will keep students home for another day this Labor Day weekend has yet to be decided. But as the storm makes its way toward the state, other preparations have been made.

Should emergency management officials call for an evacuation, 11 schools have been prepared to serve as shelters.

Although officials have yet to open any shelters to the public, the school district had its custodial staff on campuses Saturday, preparing classrooms, cafeterias and media centers for potential evacuees. 

The day before, teachers were instructed to lock up or take home any valuables they may have in their classrooms. 

The district has also fueled its buses, which will be used to transport evacuees to shelters, if necessary. 


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