FROSTPROOF – Between June 25 and June 28, Frostproof residents were asked to boil their tap water before consuming it due to a chlorination issue.

During a Frostproof City Council meeting July 1, a second problem at the water treatment plant was discussed.

Staff said the pre-screening process that removes grit and other large items at the water treatment plant had completely failed.

City council members authorized $400,000 to replace the damaged part. The remaining $100,000 to replace the part will come out of the city budget next fiscal year.

Staff said the broken part has been a problem for the past eight years and has already been repaired multiple times.

Mayor Martin Sullivan asked how efficient the screening process at the water treatment plant is currently. Staff said “zero” — that dirt and grit are currently clogging water pumps.

“It's been a real headache,” Frostproof City Manager Lee Evett said.

Sullivan said this problem and the chlorination problem are two separate problems and are in no way related.

“It's gotta get done,” Frostproof City Council member Austin Gravely said.

In other Frostproof news, the city is still seeking volunteers to fill the Planning and Zoning Board.

Interested volunteers are encourage to contact Frostproof City Clerk Nicole McDowell at

Contact Charles A. Baker III at


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