Outside of Punta Gorda Airport in Punta Gorda as passengers get picked up and dropped off.

PUNTA GORDA — Fewer passengers flew in and out of Punta Gorda Airport in January than in December, but airport representatives believe that trend is going to change in the coming months.

“We do expect the February and March passenger numbers to reflect an increased number of scheduled flights,” said airport spokesperson Kaley Miller. “Hopefully, consumer confidence (will also increase) as more people get vaccinated and feel comfortable traveling.”

Passenger results for January 2021 totaled 98,826 compared to December 2020 at 107,658.

January’s count was down 36% from January 2020, which listed 154,805 passengers flying in and out of Punta Gorda.

“The January 2021 numbers were in line with what we expected,” Miller said. “While there were less total passengers versus January 2020, there were also less scheduled flights.”

Miller said that only 408 flights landed at PGD in January 2021 compared to 511 in January 2020.

This was a trend throughout 2020 dating back to April because of coronavirus restrictions.

In December, for example, there were only 514 scheduled flights compared to 579 the previous year.

November 2020 had 30 fewer flights with PGD results showing 435 compared to 465 in November 2019.

Passenger results for the month of December were showing signs of improvement up from the 95,706 total passengers recorded in November.

December totals were still down by 35%, however, compared to December 2019 at 166,087. November was down by almost 27% with 130,623 passengers logged for November 2019.


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