The 2nd Annual Perennial Film Festival will be Saturday, March 2 and Sunday, March 3 at the Punta Gorda Historic Building, 118 Sullivan St., in downtown Punta Gorda.

Last year, baseball celebrity Michael Volpe and his family, as well as professional animated filmmaker Ernie Berger and other SAG actors, professionals and the general public attended the event.

The mission of Perennial Film Festival is to provide filmmakers with a platform to connect, learn, and reach people with quality stories via the video and film craft.

Not only do attendees get to watch great films, but they get to talk to the filmmakers, win movie memorabilia and learn about the craft. They can also provide valuable feedback for the filmmakers and vote for the winning films. Those filmmakers are then awarded Sunday during the awards ceremony.

Saturday’s events start at noon and wrap up at 9 p.m. There will be numerous films of different genres shown, Q&As with filmmakers and prize giveaways. All films are fun and thought-provoking, including a couple animated films.

“This is about bringing people together and providing an opportunity for people to get to talk to one another about how films and life, in general, impacts them,” says Ryan Sharp, the founder and director of the festival.

Last year, a student and first-time filmmaker won for best short while a senior filmmaker won an audience choice award as well. The festival gives students and seniors incentives to submit their films to the festival. The festival receives hundreds of films from all over the world and has a panel of professional filmmakers who evaluate and narrow the films down. All must be very entertaining and show a good command of the craft.

Everyone is encouraged to attend, but space is limited. So order your tickets now at perennialfilm, where you can also find out more information and submit films.


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